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Connecting Life and Money

Welcome to Beacon Rock Partners. We are an independent, fee-only personal financial advisory firm. We provide comprehensive financial planning and asset management services with a unique set of insights from a variety of

cross-disciplinary backgrounds. Our firm is based on one simple premise: to serve our clients with

diligence, competence and integrity.


We offer guidance and perspective on a broad range of financial issues, always with an emphasis on how our clients can achieve the things that matter most to them and the people they care about.

Our Purpose

Connecting Life and Money
We recognize that the accumulation of wealth, rather than being an end in itself, provides the means to help people realize their goals and fulfill their life. We have a disciplined approach that has been honed over years of working with individuals and families. We start by having a conversation with our clients, asking questions, and listening carefully. Then we work carefully with them to create solutions tailored specifically to address their unique needs. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and are committed to their success.

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The Team

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Working With Beacon Rock Partners

Working with Beacon Rock Partners begins with an invitation to you to come to our offices for a complimentary introductory meeting. During this time, we briefly discuss your life goals and financial concerns along with our services.

We’ll discuss issues and concerns and try to find the answers to questions like:

  • When might I retire?
  • How should I invest?
  • Am I saving enough? Spending too much?
  • Will I be able to pay for my children’s college education?
  • What kind of insurance should I have (and how much)?
  • Are my estate plans up to date?

Once we’ve established a window into your financial life we’ll go to work to develop a plan that fits your needs. We provide the following services to help realize your financial goals:

Our Services

Personal Financial Planningicon

Financial planning involves a lot more than investment advice. We have always been committed to providing this service in as thorough and careful a manner as possible. To do planning right takes time, attention to detail and close working relationships with our clients. It also takes the highest quality tools and techniques available. While our process is sophisticated and complex, our reporting to you is simple and straightforward. We provide this service on a fixed or hourly fee basis whether or not clients place assets under our management. There is no minimum amount of investable assets required to engage these services.

Investment Advisory Servicesicon

For both planning and non-planning clients, we offer portfolio management services carefully tailored to our clients needs. We assist clients in developing their investment strategies based on their financial objectives, income and liquidity needs, and their risk tolerance levels. We continually monitor client portfolios in relation to these factors and financial market conditions. We receive no commissions or other payments from third parties for our investment recommendations and the fees for these services are based on the value of the assets under management.

Specialized Consultations on Specific Issuesicon

While it can be difficult to address any one financial concern outside of the comprehensive planning framework, there are certain issues, such as college funding, stock option exercise and real estate transactions, where we can provide useful guidance and perspective.

Financial Education and Investment Counseling for Retirement Plansicon

We educate employees on the investment options available, provide advice on how to reach their retirement goals, and help them select appropriate investment strategies.

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